Angels With Dirty Faces Paperback

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By Carlton Town’s very own Gary ‘Boatsy’ Clarke.

All profits go to Carlton Town FC.

As the two primary players in this book, Gary and Paul (the duo) would like to dedicate it to the small army of people that have touched their lives in one way or another – be that in a good way, or even not so good a way.

As the moments tick away in this beautiful game of life we’re all involved in, many polarised experiences unfold, and it is the sincere wish of the compassionate duo that you find peace in your life, however it presents.

Most of all though, this co-authored book is humbly dedicated to the family of humanity. No matter what fouls we commit – or ‘sending-offs’ we may incur in the game of life – it’s knowing that hope springs eternal for each and every one of us…

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About The Authors

From an early age, Paul was in the vice-like clutches of the demon drink and constantly embroiled within a dark cocktail of toxic beliefs, self-hate, and destructive violence. He has made a remarkable transformation from existing for many years in despair; to now living a really healthy, happy, and fulfilling life – spending most of his time in the sunny climes of south-east Spain. Paul’s life mission is both aspirational and transformational…Developing World Game-Changers through his books and podcasts, he creates the space and platforms for others to be heard; Paul totally understands we all have vital messages to share, and it is part of his mission to assist people’s voices to be heard – particularly our young people. He has a long and distinguished history of heart-centred coaching & mentoring; enabling others to also enjoy a life of health, happiness, and fulfilment. Paul has been responsible for raising very significant amounts of funds for many charities and good causes around the world; positively impacting and inspiring thousands of children – mainly from challenging backgrounds – both within his native UK, and worldwide. As the founder of World Game-Changers, Paul has dedicated decades of his life developing many life-empowering initiatives – contributing towards mastering the game of life.

From leaving school at the age of fifteen, Gary got involved with a football hooligan gang. For the following 25 years, his life became a roller-coaster of football-related violence, throughout England and abroad. As a result of his “antics,” Gary spent time in Detention Centres – eventually leading to prison – before starting to turn his life around. These days, he is a hard-working family man, and is the proud owner of a business, with his wife. Gary has been involved in writing in football-related books about his violent exploits, as well as being involved in numerous documentaries too, with people like comedian Micky Flanagan and actor Danny Dyer. He has also been a guest in a couple of films, “CASS,” and “The Guvnors. “Gary’s life today, couldn’t be any further away from those dark, violence-filled days; he’s now heavily involved in many charitable & local football initiatives, and has become a shining example of how we can all learn from our life’s experiences – no matter how challenging – and pass-on that learning, so others may benefit…Gary is a founding member of World Game-Changers, and serves as a Patron.

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